Aavegotchi, an innovative new project

3 min readOct 27, 2020


Aavegotchi is the Aave ecological DeFi+NFT platform. Aave is the leading product in DeFi lending and has a strong influence and a wide user base.

The small user group in the NFT field, weak infrastructure, and difficulty in NFT product trading, hinder the development of NFT. In the second half of 2020, DeFi has sprung up, capturing a large amount of funds and users, and has a strong ecology. Therefore, the combination of NFT and DeFi will provide the possibility for NFT to break the circle.

Aavegotchi is such a NFT product that combines DeFi. Aavegotchi can generate various unique “Aavegotchis” by mortgage aToken (aDAI, aUSDT, aLINK, aSNX, etc.) in Aave. Each Aavegotchis has three attributes, which determine their overall value and rarity in the Aavegotchi universe-collateral, characteristics, and wearable devices.

Features mainly refer to three parts, which are randomly generated features, kinship and rank. When Aavegotchis is born, he uses the ChainLink VRF random number generator to randomly obtain traits. Trait values ​​are distributed on a bell-shaped curve, and traits are divided into multiple levels according to their rarity, such as common, unusual, rare, legendary or mythical.

In addition to the collateral and characteristics, another important feature is wearable devices. Different wearable devices will be able to change the attributes of Aavegotchis, which will change its rarity. The higher the rarity, the mining efficiency of Aavegotchis will also be The higher the value, the more GHST tokens will be obtained.

It is worth noting that the rarity is not a fixed value in Aavegotchi-it will change as the level of Aavegotchi increases and different wearable devices are equipped. Therefore, the rare Aavegotchi may become very common within a week, and vice versa, depending on the characteristics of the Aavegotchi universe and the overall distribution of wearable devices.

This view is not common, but I personally think that the higher the level of Aavegotchis, the higher the rarity. For example, the legendary or mythical level of Aavegotchis must be highly rare, because its number is small. Wearable devices are the same, the higher the level of wearable devices, the higher the rarity that can be added.

The so-called variable rarity may mean that if it is in the early stage, a certain type of Aavegotchis, which has a relatively large number, has not been summoned. At this time, it has a high rarity, but as the summoned Aavegotchis become more and more More, its rarity will drop significantly. But for the myth level Aavegotchis, the rarity will also decrease as more myth level Aavegotchis appear, but its rarity in the entire system has a lower limit, which is determined by the rarity of its own number.

Because Aavegotchis needs to use aToken to summon, it can also destroy Aavegotchis to recover the mortgaged aToken, and aToken itself is an interest-bearing asset that can obtain the deposit income in the Aave platform, so in theory, the value of Aavegotchis will change over time keep growing.

And each Aavegotchis can mortgage a different amount of aTokne, mortgage a different amount of aTken, Aavegotchis will have different values,

Aavegotchi is an NFT platform that combines DeFi gameplay. Its design is innovative. I look forward to the wonderful performance of Aavegotchi after it goes online.